Friday, June 24, 2011

Bringing sexyback & baby crack

Hi all,

First and foremost, thank you for sticking by me while I remain on a self proclaimed hiatus from blogging. Life hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine in the recent months, having a baby changes everything, having a baby with a man you knew for 3 months rocks your entire world. I'm happy to report we are on the right path, we've had to try a few different things some worked, some did not, some needed clarification... BUT we are still in love even though we have our days. Who doesn't right?

It has been one year since I've been in Indy! At times it feels like it's been a long year, I spent a week in Milwaukee this month surrounded by my great friends and wonderful family and it was much needed. I knew when we moved that it would be tough, having a baby makes it that much more difficult. I've gained a few great friends which I am so happy about, I still need to learn to spend time away from the baby, to have D watch her and go enjoy my friends. I'm working on that.

Onto the important stuff, next week, my babe will be 7 months old!!! She's army crawling all over the place and is so proud of herself. According to my mom, I was walking at 9 months and I have no doubt my baby will be around that time too. She is so determined, it's hard to try and sit her down as she locks her legs and wants to stand, she'll even take some steps while holding on to our fingers, she's on a mission.

It's awesome watching her learn, amazing when she "crawls" to me, and funny when she wants attention (mostly when we are eating). Her thing is to crawl around the table, put her head in her arms and cry... we don't respond, she moves a little more and repeats. Maybe D is right, she does have me wrapped around her finger and knows how to play me like a fiddle. She's such a goof! But, just this week I found a solution, aka "baby crack."

Before you go calling CPS, let me explain, it's a mesh feeder thingy. It's not crack, it's frozen peas or, if she already had baby food, a banana! Banana's are her crack, she LOVES them almost as much as she loves me. She chomps and sucks until there is nothing left, then whines cause it's gone. Don't mess with the mesh!

My mom is coming this weekend and staying through part of the week. D and I are planning a real honest to gosh date since we have grandma here to watch the babe. Hopefully, I'll be back on track soon with this blog thing. Have a great weekend!