Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi all, long time no talk. I spent a WONDERFUL 8 days and 7 nights with my family at a resort in Huatulco, Mexico. My dad rented a villa for his family and, well, MY family too. Geez, it's still weird seeing the words "my family." For so long I felt as if I would never have that and BAM, it snuck up on me and here they are. Grace was covering her eyes in this picture because, like her momma I think her blue eyes are sensitive to the sun.

Don't worry, Grace was slathered in SPF100 and we quickly went back in the shade after this photo. I think the heat would get to her so we would crawl up to our bedroom and enjoy the cool air.

I was nervous about traveling with her, but she went with it and did pretty well. I got some great tips for traveling with a baby from ThisCasita The trip back was tough with delays and problems on both of our flights, I would have been crying too if it were acceptable for a 28 year old woman to cry due to the long delays. We were worried about getting our connecting flight home to Indy, but that was delayed too!

We visited La Crucicita to see the markets and church. Nearly every woman there was so enamoured with our beautiful baby girl, my mom said it was her blue eyes, I think it's cause she's just so darn cute. :) Grace loved all the attention, but would only tolerate being held by the locals for a short amount of time, then it was back to "the momma."

It was a fun week and much needed vacation for all of us!